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In recent years, with the concept of “fine treatment” in dental clinics, the application of microscope technology in dental clinics has become a major development trend, covering various specialties such as dental pulp disease, periodontal disease, restoration, implantation, and plastic surgery. . Whether you are engaged in the field of dental pulp, periodontal, implants, or dental restorations, Aushun Microsystems will provide you with a variety of solutions to meet your requirements.

Using the world's best grade optical system and German imported optical glass to ensure its excellent optical performance, high definition and high resolution are seamlessly integrated into your treatment process, excellent apochromatic optics and large depth of field allow you See it more clearly than ever.

Benefit and share

With its excellent optical quality, the Austrian Microscope can present tiny anatomical details more clearly, and has significant ergonomic advantages, allowing you to maintain a comfortable working condition throughout your career. The microscope can be equipped with a video acquisition system, which is helpful for doctor-patient communication and teaching training.

You can see exactly what you need

Even the tiny anatomical details in deep or narrow cavities can be clearly presented, allowing you to perform treatment accurately and efficiently. This can help you achieve the desired results, make your patients happy, and win you loyal patients.

High eye point wide-angle eyepiece—The field of view angle is greater than 50°, and it has two functions: eye mask/eye cup adjustment and diopter adjustment. By adjusting the height of the eye mask/eye cup, it can be used by clinicians with naked eyes or wearing glasses. This kind of eyepiece is comfortable to observe and has a large diopter adjustment range.

LED integrated lighting—Using high-quality medical LED light source, it provides clear, bright and vivid color visualization, and the cost of ownership is extremely low.

0-180° adjustable binoculars for comfort and efficiency

The dental microscope is designed to adapt to your body structure and work preferences, and you can achieve fast and accurate positioning with just one touch. In this way, damage caused by poor working positions and harsh environments can be reduced, and the interruption of the work process can be effectively avoided. Allows you to use your dental expertise throughout your career.


Through the transmission of the high-definition image system, the patient can tell the details of the patient, promote good doctor-patient communication, make it easier for the patient to build a sense of trust, and enhance the patient's compliance and trust between the patient and his family.

Zoom objective

The zoom objective lens allows you to adjust the variable working distance from 200 mm to 300 mm, which can be easily adjusted by simply turning the adjustment knob. It only takes a small amount of time to focus, and you can continue to operate efficiently and stay focused.

It can be customized according to different models of customers.


Various installation methods—Oershun microscopes are designed for general practice to meet your working preferences and space requirements. It provides a stable floor stand, wall-mounted stand, and desktop stand, all questions about the installation of the microscope.

The product is simple and practical, easy to operate, compact and flexible. Can meet different space requirements.